About us

  • We connect people who returned after living away, new arrivals and those who have always lived here and encourage them to grow together.
  • We have a regional and supra-regional network in our areas of expertise: inland migration, education, regional development, business and politics.
  • We work across all generations and are committed to good coexistence.
  • We have intercultural and linguistic competence.
  • We work with citizens as well as representatives from business, politics and administration.
  • We have expertise in the area of federal, state and EU funding.
  • We are familiar with project development, management, acquisition, implementation and accounting of projects – as project leaders or in cooperation.
  • We work with effective publicity locally and digitally.
  • We set impulses, take up ideas and develop them further.
  • We engage in regional and supra-regional civic participation.
  • We show the public how beautiful Elbe-Elster is.
  • We are committed to a Lusatia worth living in.
  • We help shape structural change.
  • We stimulate discussions.
  • We have a network of educational institutions.
  • We develop and provide further education offers and visualise and structure (eLearning) learning content.
  • We develop topics in the area of Making and Creating.
  • We are competent in the evaluation and validation of learning outcomes.
  • We are media-competent and have an affinity for social media and new media.

Our team and our members have a mix of diverse competences in the fields of education and qualification, practical project implementation and scientific expertise. We have very broad project experience as well as passionate social commitment.

Board of Directors

Sven Guntermann

Chairman of the Association


Dr. Lothar Muschter

Vice-Chairman of the Association


Alexander Piske



Sindy Schindler

Project Coordinator

Markus Wegner

Project Coordinator

Karla Fornoville

Project Coordinator

Julia Procopius

Project Coordinator


  • Anne Horstmann
  • Dr. Fred Meyer
  • Sindy Schindler
  • Diana Steinborn
  • Dr. Michael Thomas
  • Regina Veik
  • CEMES Solution GmbH, Lauchammer
  • Doberlug-Kirchhain. VerEinT, Doberlug-Kirchhain
  • E&G Projekt Agentur GmbH, Finsterwalde


On 9 February 2006, companies and individuals founded the association “Generationen gehen gemeinsam” (G3) e.V. The founding objective was the sustainable improvement of employment opportunities for older long-term unemployed people in the region. The association’s first project was implemented in this thematic field: Employment Pact 50plus in the Elbe-Elster region. The inclusion of all generations in the solution of social problems, the equality of men and women and the promotion of an active life together have been the focus of the association from the beginning and are also reflected in its name.
We break new ground and connect people with ideas.

The topics of promotion and development of employment opportunities, the search for jobs and fields of employment as well as the acquisition of necessary qualifications were the focus of the first years. The Balance project started in 2009 and was aimed at single parents in the Elbe-Elster district.

The association continuously expanded its networks and became increasingly involved in regional development. Projects such as Zukunft Elbe-Elster (Future Elbe-Elster) and Zukunftsstadt Finsterwalde (Future City of Finsterwalde) were developed, which brought local future visionaries and numerous civil society initiatives from the areas of climate, labour market and common life to the forefront of the association’s work.
We work together to make Elbe-Elster even more attractive.

The association has been active in the area of inland migration since 2009. With the initiative Comeback Elbe-Elster, it counteracts demographic change and provides fresh impulses to the region. The Willkommensagentur in Finsterwalde, initially planned as a one-year “pop-up store”, already celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2021. Since 2017, Comeback Elbe-Elster has been coordinating the state-wide network Ankommen und Brandenburg and supporting the work of regional initiatives in the state of Brandenburg.
We show how liveable Elbe-Elster is and help people to arrive and feel at home.

Learning from each other and linking generations is what the association’s educational projects are all about. The Toleranz durch Dialog project has been organising meetings of children and young people with physically impaired people since 2008, thus strengthening their understanding of each other. In order to use the opportunities of advancing digitalisation in rural areas as well, the association has been involved in international cooperations within the framework of Erasmus+ projects since 2017. In the Kit@ or MediaParents projects, offers of further education are developed to train media competence.
We strengthen competences and show how people can learn together.