Zukunftsstadt Finsterwalde

Participation in the competition of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research with a City Vision 2030+ for the city of Finsterwalde. Together we developed our vision “The city of Finsterwalde moves together: Against helplessness – active citizens shape the future city of Finsterwalde”.

Participation in the Zukunftssstadt 2030+ project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research laid the foundation for active cooperation between citizens, city administration, planners and scientists to jointly develop a vision for the future of the city of Finsterwalde. Of the 51 participants in the first project phase, 23 municipalities were selected to submit a planning concept in phase 2 – including Finsterwalde.

Measures and project ideas were developed in four focus groups, presented to the citizens in city dialogues and events and discussed with each other. In workshops, the citizens rediscovered their city and together developed a vision for the future.

Even though Finsterwalde did not reach the final third project phase in the competition, the ideas developed and the cohesion of the citizens have remained.