Hüben und Drüben?!

The East-West-German Tandem Project has contributed to further professionalising the work of inland migration initiatives throughout Germany and to improving the conditions for longer-term establishment and regional implementation.

Project Duration

2019 – 2021

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Stephanie Auras-Lehmann

0049 3531 718288

Comeback Elbe-Elster/
“Generationen gehen
gemeinsam” (G3) e.V.
Kleine Ringstraße 25
03238 Finsterwalde

Under the leadership of “Generationen gehen gemeinsam (G3)” e.V., the inland migration initiatives Comeback Elbe-Elster from Brandenburg and HEIMVORTEIL HSK (Hochsauerlandkreis) from North Rhine-Westphalia exchanged information on working practices, structures, regional similarities and differences of welcome agencies from 2019 to 2021. In addition, the East-West tandem project for the first time created a qualitative comparison with regard to migration, demographic change, economy and networking. The nexus Institut für Kooperationsmanagement und interdisziplinäre Forschung GmbH from Berlin was involved in the project as a scientific partner.

Fotos by Jörg Gläscher

The final brochure with scientific results on the East-West comparison as well as detailed project documentation can be downloaded here (PDF, German only): Ergebnisdokumentation Hüben wie drüben aus 2020

Important impulses for the East-West Tandem came from the Robert Bosch Foundation, which funded the project through the “Neulandgewinner” programme.